The Golden Spice in your Tea

Tea.  A type of drink usually enjoyed because of its blissful nature, its energizing effect, or its ability improve one’s own health and well being. There are so many types of teas in the world starting from green teas, black teas, herbal teas, tea blends, and many more from almost every region of this world. And the beautiful part is, you are not just drinking the extract of the tea leaves and the spices that come with it, you are also experiencing the story, the history and cultural essence from where the tea comes from.

Now imagine that you are drinking a tea that is used as a luxurious health elixir in remote parts of India, a green tea that has pure saffron in it, blended with cinnamon, cardamom, clove and ginger, all of these in one tea cup. This is not just a drink anymore, its an experience of a rich history and culture. This is the experience Kiwana Tea brings to the world.

Kiwana Tea is a start up that plans to change the tea culture in the world by sharing a tea experiences unlike any other as it makes premium (and pure) saffron green tea blends, mixed with exotic spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, clove and ginger, a flavor inspired by an elixir used in parts of north India. This drink is usually given to people when they are sick (because of the strong combination of herbs, which promote a healthy effect on the body) or as treat to guests, because of its luxurious nature. 

Whats so luxurious about this? Its the fact that it is pure saffron in it. Saffron is the most expensive, luxurious and most sought after spice in the world, and in some regions, its more expensive than the price of gold, hence it is known as the “Golden Spice”. The reason its so expensive is because It is difficult to harvest due to its heavy labor intensive process and it can take as much as 4,500 crocus flowers to make one ounce of saffron, and 75,000 crocuses to make a pound, while requiring “perfect” climate conditions with a rich fertile land.

Saffron also has a unique history. It was used by Cleopatra to make her baths more pleasurable, and it was also used by Alexander the Great to speed up his healing after sustaining injuries from intense battles. A powerful pack of health benefits are offered by this luxurious spice and some of them can be found listed here (

Combined with its beautiful packaging, the flavor and the aroma of this tea is unlike any other. Try this tea today, and it will give you an experience you will not forget.