Saffron Tea Subscription (Luxury Pyramid Teabags)


Saffron Tea Subscription (Luxury Pyramid Teabags)

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For just $19.99/month, get the most beautiful tea experience of your life. With our tea subscription package, we will send you 10 luxury saffron cinnamon delight tea bags each month. It is the most affordable way to drink our saffron tea blends, and you get it for just under $2 per cup. 

Our teas come in 10 mesh-biodegradable pyramid teabags, and can easily be brewed 3-5 times per teabag if you choose to.

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Imagine The Golden Spice of this world, delivered to your doorstep, on a monthly basis. And in each tea bag, consists a perfect ratio of green tea, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger and a strong dose of pure saffron! Yes, that is our Kiwana Tea blend and this exotic experience is what we will deliver to your doorstep every month with our subscription. 

Many studies are constantly being done on the power and benefits of saffron on health. Although more evidence is needed to make firm conclusions, some studies have suggested that saffron:

  1. is high in anti-oxidants & helps in detoxification 
  2. helps improve general health & is considered disease preventing
  3. inhibits the growth of tumors
  4. helps treats depression
  5. helps in alzheimer’s treatment
  6. can be used to reduce asthma
  7. can be used in cancer treatment
  8. can be used to improve stomach aches
  9. can improve eye and vision health
  10. fertility among men and women
  11. improves digestion
  12. improves metabolism
  13. improves energy levels in the body
  14. helps better absorption of oxygen
  15. regulates blood pressure
  16. regulates blood sugar
  17. has strong aphrodisiac properties
  18. treats menstrual discomforts
  19. can be used as an anti-inflammatory
  20. can improve skin health
  21. can help with cholesterol regulation
  22. can help with cough and cold
  23. can help in liver and kidney ailments
  24. can help with fevers

Saffron comes from the crocus flower family and only a handful of countries in the world are able to grow it properly, some of which include India, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Iran and various parts of the Middle East. A balanced combination of humidity, cold temperature and a dry climate on a rich and fertile land, are required to to sustain the qualitative growth of the purple saffron flowers. It is also difficult to harvest due to its heavy labor intensive process and it can take as much as 4,500 crocus flowers to make one ounce of saffron, and 75,000 crocuses to make a pound, hence the expensive cost of the spice due to its manual process.


The history of saffron uses goes back as far as three thousand years and some of its uses include food seasoning, textile dying, aromatic fragrances and its multitude of medicinal properties. Some studies suggest that Saffron was first cultivated in Greece, and was used by royalties such as Alexander the Great, who used to bathe in saffron infusions to heal faster from battle wounds, as well as Cleopatra, who used to it to make her baths more pleasurable. Writings of medicinal saffron uses even date back to the time of Hippocrates and Galen.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy this health elixir starting today!